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Resonator Cones

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Sku #QD-1-10
Our Price: $55.95

Sku #QD-1

List Price: $60

Our Price: $55.95

Sku #LC-1
Our Price: $79.95

Sku #BC-1
Our Price: $55.00

Our Price: $75.00

Sku #DP-120
Our Price: $24.95

Sku #QNTC-6

List Price: $90

Our Price: $85.00

Sku #QN-9

List Price: $60

Our Price: $55.95

Sku #EBB-153

List Price: $20.29

Our Price: $15.99

Customer Comments

Hey Janet...Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products. I had a "Tut Taylor" resophonic guitar. I don't know what kind of cone it had,but somehow down through time it begin to sound like a five gallon bucket. At one time I even started to just throw it away. That's how bad it sounded. I saw your web page and just happen to see the "Quaterman" cone. Your report was that it was one of the best. Well, I ordered one from you, and must say that you were right. I could not believe the sound that I was hearing. I also have a "Reso" model 27 deluxe and the "Tut Taylor" now sounds just as good. I know the "Tut Taylor" is a great guitar and I'm sure that I damaged the cone myself,but if anyone ever needs a replacement cone the "Quaterman QC-1 is the way to go. Thank you very much.. Bobby C

The Quarterman QC-10, #14 Spider and slotted nut and maple/ebony saddles worked out great in my Regal RD-40 and I learned Reso setup in the process. A big improvement in tone, volume and playability. Best regards,
Mark L

Hey Janet, I discovered your website several months back. It's nicely laid out, easy to navigate, and you've got a nice variety of stuff at attractive prices. (I've pointed folks on Web discussion boards like Big Road Blues, Temple of Blues and Guitar.com looking for things like resonator guitar parts to it on several occasions.) I finally ordered my Quarterman cones and ebony-capped bridge saddle to upgrade my Johnson Tricone from you last Sunday night, and they arrived Friday afternoon. Very nicely packed, too. Can't beat that kind of service! (Played in church this morning with the new stuff installed.) :-D Fitting the saddle was a bigger job than I'd anticipated, but the combination of the new cones and saddle has made a world of difference! I'd thought the Tricone sounded good before (other than having an annoying tendency to buzz at loud volumes), but it has KILLER tone and volume now! I really like having a flat saddle, too, as I play mostly slide. Next step is to put on a flat nut, which I probably should've ordered this time while I was at it. BTW, I like your music samples on the site, too! :-)
Thanks again! John

Thought you'd like to know that I've installed the Quarterman cone and Reso Spider in my guitar...wow, what a difference. Thanks for the good service... Mike L

I received my new Quarterman cone on Wednesday, thanks! I put it in the reso and I am totally blown away! I can't believe the difference! Thanks for helping me choose the right cone and for the fast shipping. -Nolan E